Higher education has been undergoing significant transformation worldwide. These changes mainly caused by Bologna process and by a rapid growth of information and communication technologies (ICT) are reflected through a wide range of new educational concepts and approaches. Naturally, the role of teacher has been changing, from a knowledge transmitter to a learning facilitator or mentor, who is responsible for the creation of interactive learning environments.

Most teachers in Moldova are now facing this challenge: how to implement innovative ICT-based teaching and learning techniques in order to achieve better learning experiences by different types of learners? This is the central issue that the TEACHME project addresses!


We want to improve pedagogical and digital skills of teachers in Moldova:

Be an innovative teacher – be e-teacher!

WHO IS E-TEACHER? – This is an innovative teacher enabled to design and deliver curricula to learners using new ICT.


  • Elaboration and implementation of new continuing education courses for teachers enabling them to design and deliver ICT-based learning provisions
  • Adaptation of continuing education services to innovative teaching and learning strategies   
  • Creation of Moldovan network of innovative teachers  

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